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Structural and Architectural Iron Detailing 

Introducing WM Consulting Service to Structural Fabricators:


WM Consulting Service is a professional steel detailing company located in California. We offer a range of services that cater to the needs of small and medium-sized fabricators. Our services include:


1. Detailing for all types of steel structures

2. 3D modeling services using Tekla Structures

3. Creating fabrication and erection drawings

4. Creating BIM models for construction projects

5. Collaborating with project teams to identify and resolve design issues

6. Coordinating with other trades on construction projects

7. Estimating material quantities and creating cut lists

8. Preparing shop drawings and submittals

9. Providing material lists and weight reports

10. Assisting with project management tasks such as scheduling and coordination.


Tekla Capabilities and BIM Consulting:


We use Tekla Structures software which is one of the most advanced steel detailing software in the market. As a result, we can produce high-quality 3D models of steel structures that enable visual communication and accurate production of materials. Additionally, our BIM consulting services can help your construction project achieve a high degree of coordination between trades, reduce material waste, and improve overall project efficiency.


Project managing:


We can assist in managing your projects by coordinating and communicating with all project stakeholders, producing high-quality deliverables, and ensuring timely delivery of your project.




We analyze the project specifications, drawings, and bidding documents and provide you with a comprehensive estimate of all the required materials for the project.


BIM modeling services:


Our BIM modeling services maximize efficiency by utilizing virtual construction to investigate constructability issues at the design and detailing stages, minimize errors, and reduce project schedules and risks.


At WM Consulting Service, we are committed to delivering high-quality steel detailing services at a competitive price. We use the latest software technology and employ experienced professionals to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget.

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